Day 1 - 12 Days To A Healthy Christmas

Hey guys!

If you don't know me well....I'm a wife, mom of 4 and I love living a healthy, balanced lifestyle!  Not a perfect one but one focused 90% of the time on supporting my body, emotions, hormones, spiritual life and also making time for FUN!  

I wanted to share 12 Days To A Healthy Christmas with you!  I'll share tips to make Christmas a healthy one this year!  Each day over the next 12 Days, I'll be sharing a tip, recipe or mini workout to stay healthy this season! 

Day 1 - Tip - Take some time for yourself.  

With the busyness of the season, it is sooooooo important that you prioritize some time for yourself.  Take 10 to 20 minutes a day (we all have 10 to 20 minutes, if we are honest with ourselves) to do something that fills you up.  Something that brings you joy or peace!  Some examples are:  taking a walk, listening to music alone, taking a cat nap, reading a book, journaling, doing devotional, praying, dancing, talking to a friend on the phone, painting, sewing, gardening or hanging out with you pet.  Whatever brings you joy...set a timer and go do that thing!  Invest in YOU!  

We can't pour from an empty cup...well...we can't pour well from an empty cup.  So take time to fill your cup!  <3

Mini Workout for Day 1 - Check out the mini workout below for you today!  Start with the short warm-up and then move into a circuit-style workout that is friendly for all ages!  Repeat this workout 3 times (not the warm-up portion...just do that once).  You have a full body workout in less than 15 minutes! 

If you are starting out or newer to working out...listen to your body and take modifications.  As with any exercise program,  please consult your doctor, in regards to, doing any physical activity.

Here's to a healthier, happy you this Holiday Season!!!