The Fascinating Lymphatic System

Lymphatic Chat with Mitzi & Carrie

I'm so happy you are here and interested in the REPLAY Lymphatic Chat with Mitzi Love and me!  We cover the Lymphatic System...what it is, why it is important and how to support it!  You'll learn helpful tips in lymph drainage, rebounding, dry skin brushing and MORE!

Here's a handy dandy print-off if you like to take notes down!  Click the words below!

If you attend the LIVE chat and looking for a specific topic we covered...check below for the minute markers in the video to find each of these topics!  If you haven't watched the full video, I highly suggest you do that first so you don't miss important steps needed prior to doing some of these techniques.

+Rebounding/Movement - 18:10 - minute marker
+Lymph Draining - 24:10 - minute marker
+Dry Skin Brushing - 35:35 - minute marker
+Essential Oils & Carrier Oils - 45:33 - minute marker
+Gua Sha Stone - 49:31 - minute marker
+Q&A - 1:01:05 - minute marker

During the video, we discuss gua sha stones, dry brushing, essential oils...below are links where you can find these items, if needed.  Click to access these items.

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About my guest Mitzi Love

Mitzi Love is a Master Massage Therapist and unique educator of the vital Lymphatic System that keeps us alive. She pioneered the fashion trend-setting lymphatic body-suit, a wearable presentation of YOUR SUPERPOWER within and teaches in a FUN easy way to understand!  After graduating with her license to “touch” people, Mitzi went on to study the lymphatic system and obtain a specialized in-depth training on Complete Decongestive Therapy and treatment for lymphedema and lymphatic drainage.   
Mitzi is known as the Lymphatic Addict for her “enthusiastic devotion” empowering you to take charge of your mental, emotional, and physical health, as it has a direct effect on your overall health.  She does this through creating a holistic personalized program suited to your individual needs.   Her specialties are oncology care, immune system support, lymphatic drainage, FUN, and has successfully served her clients over the past 20 years.  As a certified Reboundologist, she continues to prove that getting healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically by supporting your lymphatic flow is possible and yes……FUN! 

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